⚔️ Knights Of Crypto: PulseX Sacrifice Started! Missed PulseChain Airdrop? PLSX Strategy

PulseX website: Pulsex sacrifice: Get the Passive Income Course: …

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  1. Also, remember that your ALL CAPS NAME given to you by the STATE OF??? is the actual "US CITIZEN", not you the man on the land born with a different styled name. It's all about the words how we are tricked into believing lies that cause us to gift away our hard earned money to foreign for profit corporations that are not even licensed to do business in any of the States of the Union. Fact!

  2. Hey guys thanks for the vid : ) . Question please.
    I'm holding hex to sacrifice for pulse X. Please let me know. 1.Should I sacrifice Hex now or should I wait some more days for a hex pump and increased dollar value for sac.? Thanks a ton

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