🔥 128x Rewards 🔥 ViperSwap – Swap, Stake and Earn on Harmony Protocol’s Leading DEX

128x Rewards ViperSwap – Swap, Stake and Earn on Harmony Protocol’s Leading DEX VenomDAO 1st Half 2021 Review …


  1. Help please, I have followed your amazing video to the letter to link metamask. Sent my one and received fine. But when I connect metamask to viperswap, its says its connected to the wrong network. Have checked every field and it still says it. Connects to ethereum network fine, but not harmony one. Please help

  2. Incredibly fast and dare I say fun! I’ve been pumping ONE into it all day… just a bit more! Generating viper in the viper/one pool at an amazing rate… literally watch it grow. If you are use to pancake or uni, this is a breath of fresh air. Lightning fast and zero fees.
    Looking forward to sushiswap and the Maiar DEX! Setting up for multiple sources of fun, volatile passive income

  3. For anyone wanting to get into LP, just please remember that you're at a risk of Impermanent Loss. LP is great if you buy the underlying token cheap, however in the past few weeks the price of Viper has gone up in anticipation of this event and it will go down after the event is over. Don't get rekt!
    If you don't want to be at a high risk of IL, you can always go into a pool with slightly lower APR, but one that isn't based on Viper, like One – Matic for example.

  4. Warning to anyone trying to use the Harmony Bridge! I attempted to bridge over 500 USDC to use on ViperSwap after I already made an initially successful test bridge of 30 USDC. Unfortunately, the 500 USDC failed to bridge over and is now missing. I am currently waiting to hear back from the support team. Use the Horizon by Harmony bridge at your own risk!

  5. Been doing this for a bit now. Mainnet rewards go to viper one pool. Exponential passive income. This is my retirement plan, lol. Thanks for getting this out to the masses

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