10 Crypto Metaverse Projects You MUST KNOW

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  2. Starl is the most potential out of all the project because their real estate is based on space, what’s stopping starl from making entire planted and solar system, compare to the other huge metaverse projects

  3. Starl has the most potential I think. They just got Shahid Kamal Ahmad in the dev team. Who knows him, knows what a big thing this is!

  4. About Starlink token, $Starl. Not only they building their own metaverse, they also build their own NFT marketplace. The 1st NFT auction on their marketplace already bring result around 1.5 millions usd.

    As for the game, beta will be released on October this year.

  5. There is still so much growth in STARL project and token. I am so excited about what it has already done 🚀. Can’t wait to see how it matures.

  6. hey bro, thanks for your video, helped me a lot. I think it would help a lot if u have less text and speak more freely, add some pics too. was a bit hard to follow at the end

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