1000% ALTCOIN GAINS RETURN! Has the crypto market bottomed?

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  3. I'd love to see the list of coins you're planning to go into aggressively when things look like they're going to turn around.

  4. It was so obvious the market was top heavy, but we wanted to believe we were going to 75k, so most of us got beat up. I should have listened to that pessimistic psychopath, Becker.

  5. Bitcoin is deflationary by the laws of stupidity. Not only do people lose Bitcoin, but how many of us have a few Satoshis stuck on ten different wallets? Some day, when Satoshis are worth a dollar, maybe we'll be able to get them back. But right now, they are effectively burned.

  6. ELLIO! have you heard of $MILF? I am invested in this project, just wanted to see your take on it and if i should pick up more. Their airdrop NFT technology is pretty cool.

  7. Hello, the latest MDEX of the Defi project is very interesting. MDEX has launched the dual mining function. Have you ever understood what the dual mining function is like?

  8. my requests: POLS, ARCH, CHI, RPL, PRSQ, ALBT (i know you were very bullish on these at various points. i'm still holding . . . )

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