$10k PROFIT IN 1 WEEK! XRP, ETH, ADA, BTC – Crypto Trading Series ep.4

Since episode 3 of the trading series I have made $10k profit. In today’s video I should you what I’m trading for the next couple days and updates on the …

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  1. Don't know how I stopmed onto this. All in all Awesome content 🙌🙌. I also watched those similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys make these stuff. MStar Tutorials also had amazing information about similiar make money online things on his channel.

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  3. Mr Liam Michael gave me confidence in trading, after contacting him and he said to me not to worry but still I was scared because of my financial status and he said not to be afraid and gave me his procedures, though I had lost hope in forex and binary option trading initially trading on my own, I decided to give it a second trial, then went ahead to borrow the money and invested with him. To my greatest surprise after few hours of trading I received my first profit successfully,you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity MAKE IT COUNT!!!

  4. Bitcoin has seen a strong surge over recent weeks amid a muted background for the stock market. The price of the leading cryptocurrency has rocketed higher by approximately 70% in the past five weeks while the S&P 500 has only gained a few percent over that same time frame, but the amazing occurrence at the moment which is bitcoin currently trading at $18,200 and is still poised to hit higher prices meaning the $20,000 price target may be upon us soon that being said it would be unwise to not know how to trade and multiply your holdings to have more coins in the mad rave bitcoin is about to embark on.
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  5. I see that you are very bullish on BNB however XRP went 30% more today again. I am following your journey hope you reach your goal soon.
    last week I was waiting for an entry point for ETH and it wasn't a good idea. I had to buy it very expensive.

  6. Cardano going to crush it in 2021 – only just warming up. As soon as smart contracts and ERC20 converter are live… will be insane!

  7. Love this series, I am completely following and wishing you success.

    I have a question about taxes, do you have to pay every time you make a trade? If so how much? Isn't cheaper tax rate if you hold for over a year? If you live in the U.S.

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