2022 Predictions for Crypto, Stocks and the World. What you need to prepare for.

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  1. Many courses are irrelevant and redundant in college. STEM and robotics/mechatronics are the major ones you should pursue. The tuition prices should be adjusted and based on job market/field and emoyability. Big changes needed.

  2. The whole student loan system needs to be completely reformed. Govt needs to get out of the student loan business or change the way they are involved. The loans need to be non-interest and flat cost of borrowing. Etc.

  3. Good to hear the perspective on C19 and effects of lockdowns.
    The stat I saw was something similar. 2 in a million chance of a kid dying of C19.
    That is the same odds of being struck by lighting. That’s how over the top is disproportionate things have become.

  4. Can we let the big funds play with BITCOIN because they use algorithms and keeping price suppressed by buying gradually (so there will be no pumps)
    They playing with retail investors like us.
    Taking profits in the future and retailers are always to late to cash.

    Let retailers like us move to ETH, Solano, Polygon and others top 10 tokens/ assets/ coins.

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