3900X PC Build: Parts & Discussion for Video Editing & Crypto Mining (Random X)

New video every Tuesday! Today it is back to the Random X built recently featured, discussing the parts and why they were chosen. List below: Ryzen 3900X …


  1. Thank you for explaining this awesome build, and also the previous video is just a visual feast with top-notch production values, great work!
    And I might use your build for my inspiration if I could build one soon (if that's okay 😁). Hope you're well and your channel keeps growing!

  2. Hie, your video was dope man. But can you try sending the list of all the equipment you bought and the total price you spent on this rig. I'm new to all the tech stuff and you're quite fast. πŸ˜…
    pritchardmabutho1@gmail.com that's my email.
    By the way this is the same rig from your previous video (13400 H/s)?

  3. GREAT build! LOVELY!
    Tried to boot RagerX on it and to try Monero mining? You'll love it, give it a try πŸ˜‰
    Also check out our 2-level affiliate program and community participation bonuses

  4. Thanks for the update. I've been trying since the start of the month to get the same case from Amazon but they've let me down over and over again and it never shipped. I finally ordered a Bequiet 500DX from ebuyer and I hope its a good alternative. I'll be doing the build over the weekend.

  5. I’ve definitely come to the conclusion after watching some build videos from you and some other people that making my own system would be far better off than buying something but stay from Apple for like C$2000 compared to what I can build in the performance I could get out of it for the same amount of money and that cooler is so bad ass looking

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