5 Rules before investing in Crypto/Bitcoin | Technical Dost | Ep-2

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  2. LMFAO, I loved the dynamic of your video. Really enjoyed. And could you tell us some rules for investing in NFT games? Like Block Monsters for example. I'm getting to know this project and it's amazing, I'm thinking it's really worth it, but would it have a golden rule?

  3. Hola Technical Dost! Greetings from Argentina!! they are good advice maybe you could give me advice on how NOT to invest in every game I see! xD the last one I saw was pokemon on the blockchain "Block Monsters", how not to enter? so my BNB became MNSTRS instantly. Cheers!!

  4. your 5 rules before investing in crypto and Bitcoin are amazing. Thanks a lot for your help. I would like a lot also a tip of crupto games. For example the Block Monsters unique game that is similar to Pokemon oldschool. Could you please bring us that kind of content? Thanks a lot mate for your time. Cheers from Brazil.

  5. BEWKOOF man Bano
    क्रिप्टो करेंसी के चक्कर में बिल्कुल मत पड़ो बर्बाद हो जाओगे।
    भारत सरकार ने मान्यता नहीं है सारी जमा पूंजी लुट जाएगी।

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