5 Ways to Get Crypto Rich in 2022 [hint it’s not Bitcoin]

How to get rich with crypto in 2022! Here are the top 5 ways. UNSTOPPABLE DOMAINS …

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  1. its really just a algebra equation.

    Web 1 and 2 spoon fed the stuff to us, continuation of the centralized warm embrace of the fuhrer, but they kept all the economic value, the UI/UX was dummy proof, etc etc etc. The new DLTech is starting with the user being the economic value responsibility node first, the UI/UX is 3rd considerations, teh 2nd being to build the ntwork, thus the ugly and dumb first start with this and the network effect begins. The diff being the 10,000 year store of wealth in the centralized ledgers are being hacked. 😉 Join the fun dude. And…. btw, the nation states know now that if they dont adopt, their GDP will go down. Thy have no choice.

  2. Hi Lark, nice to see you. I was recommended by my friend to watch you. Glad i did. I am about to retire so will definitely get into more staking, not just exodus wallet and now will have a go at yield farming. thankyou. Weather great in ChCh. How about Wlgtn

  3. If more people knew about staking less people would panic sell, because even in worse case scenario you can still make money if you're negative, much better than realising losses or just hodling.

  4. <its good to learn from it. many have this experiences so dont worry 😀 i sold a coin after 100x (my inital investment wasnt too high though) and it was then just few months later at 2000x and this would be lifechanging then. I guess I will have to hodl but yeah nobody can look into the future so yeah no big feelings (anymore :D).>

  5. Hi lark, what are the crypto tax obligations for these opportunities you're talking about?? That is going to be a very frightening situation as we enter the new year ,at least for American crypto investment.
    Basically American crypto investors are better off to buy and hold quality coins and forget about everything else ,, as the SEC and some powerful U.S. politicians have declared WAR on Crypto especially with election year 2022 on the way.

  6. This was so useful! Thanks Lark. 🙂 I've only got into crypto this year and can't wait to get my hands dirty in staking, yield farming and playing around on some of the low fee blockchains (I'll have to stay away from Ethereum until they move to PoS)

  7. every $1 you invest today is a little bit of time that you buy back in the future, the more you invest, the more free time you can afford in the future, having time and the freedom to choose what to do are the ultimate investing goals.

  8. Haha still mega bullish even as we are in a bear market and most Alts are now in the phase of slow bleed down for a year or so until they all lose around 95% to 99% of their value.

    Not much point taking on the risk of farming at mo when all tokens paid out will be worthless shortly. Same goes for buying or trading Alts.

    I’m pretty much out for now. Just sitting in bitcoin, some Ethereum and stables earning yield until we bottom. Anything else is suicide lol

  9. Spends all 2021 telling us we'll get rich on Bitcoin. 2022 hasn't even started, a slight dip, and he's calling off the whole year. Oooooo K.
    Bitcoin goes up and down all the time, but if you zoom our your charts it's basically just going up. If you treat it like a long term investment, and not a get rich scheme, you'll do just fine. It's also probably the safest bet out of all of them. Good luck with other Crypto, many are extremely risky.

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