$500 Crypto Beginners Portfolio – Coinbase Portfolio Update (March 2021)

I’ve now reached the point where my Crypto Portfolio has hit $500 and wanted to share with you guys my Beginners Crypto Portfolio in my Coinbase March 2021 …

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  1. Hi , started today and invest in about 6 crypto . I have question about portfolio balance , what happened if it reaches 0 or can it go negative? And also I'm long term holder can I just hold the crypto I bought for how ever long I want ?

  2. Hello. Do you invest in bitcoin? I started today on coinbase and rn it's 30€ like my portfolio balance. It keeps going up and down like every second . I only funded my account which I bought bitcoin for like 6€ . Should i keep investing more in it or should i just let the 30€ go up or low? I'm not a pro just a beginner trying to learn more. Could u tell me what u think would be right? Thanks.

  3. Just getting into crypto here in the US. Being that this is 2 weeks old already. What would be a good break down for my $500 that I have to start with of maybe 2 or 3 altcoins? My wife & I plan to keep putting in $ on a regular basis. She already has 1k into XRP. On a side note, what do you see for XRP regardless of how a decision goes either way… CHEERS!

  4. I'm just starting out in Crypto, very late starter as I'm in IT! lol. Anyway, will be mirroring your plays to learn the ropes, interesting times indeeed. I just found out about Nexo that pays 10-12% on GBP, have you looked into it ? Also opened the Coinbase offer via your link, under review for now. Cheers.

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