$50k Bitcoin Most Exciting Moment (Crypto Bull Run In FULL Effect)

The crypto bull run is in FULL EFFECT! Shout out to the ADA Gang and XRP Army. Cardano has hit new all time highs and XRP is sitting comfortably over $1.

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  1. As medical doctor I never believed in stock market neither have I ever thought of investing on crypto as a result of numerous negative complaint from people. Then a colleague of mine introduced me to a professional investor and

  2. geezus… take out the initial ADA $1mill investment at least? you've already tripled your investment lol
    then you could still let the $2mill bag ride to the moon if it does.

  3. Correct me if Im wrong but if novatti partnered with Ripple and Identiti overlay patent came through 19 Aug 2021 and Novatti will become the first company to run on Identiti platform and identiti partnered with trace finacial for swift overlay the Ripple XRP will become bigger then everyone am I wrong ? OMG ! tell me im right 😍

  4. I support your statement of 'run your channel the way that you want to run your channel' !

    Cathie Wood has been talking about deflation for quite some time.

  5. Been watching for a long time. You predicted things would start turning up in the middle of July and they did. Definitely making some extra money because of I listen to you

  6. the government wants you to think there is inflation so you spend you dollars
    dollars is what you want to have the most of when there is deflation
    dollars are an asset and they do not want you to have it
    so only the 1% have what we actually need

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