71 – The Bull Case For Ethereum II | DC Investor, Anthony Sassano, Cyrus Younessi

A lot has changed since the original “Bull Case for Ethereum” episode. This sequel comes at a time when massive events loom on the horizon. EIP-1559, the …


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  2. When am I going to stop being surprised at the quality of this podcast? Every time I sit down to listen on a full episode I feel like I learned more than I did on the past week trying to figure shit out on my own.

    Thank you Ryan, David and the panelists for helping me stay up to date in this wild and beautiful world of Ethereum.

  3. Why do we need ETH if most activity could happen on layer 2 in the future? Wouldn't people want to buy more of the L2 token like Polygon?

  4. Honestly Cyrus' take on price prediciton is where im at atm. I dont give a shit about price targets, i just want to see where all this plays out in a couple years. The roadmap is unfolding before our eyes…lets see where it takes us.

  5. Please increase the volume of your videos. The audio is on the softer side which makes it hard to listen to when your moving through the day unless you have headphones on.

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