81,865,572% , XRP To FTX? & SEC vs. Ripple (Ethereum Next?)

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  2. All 100 billion XRDOGE tokens were pre-mined and the team received 25 billion of those tokens for free. The XRDOGE team will not reveal the addresses where those 25 billion XRDOGE were sent and anyone who questions those addresses are ridiculed and muted/banned on their discord. What do they not want us to see?

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  5. You would think there would have to be consequences for ETH; considering all the corruption that has been exposed – none of it would probably have been exposed if XRP hadn’t been hauled into court by the SEC! I bet some are unhappy at Jay Clayton 🤣🤣 hopefully heads will roll. Thank you for all you are doing

  6. It’s a fascinating thought hw investors pull through this in the investments space When stocks n coin at a time Inflate and deflated without notice, lol for me I would have had a cardiac arrest longtime!!!😂

  7. I lived in silicon valley when internet craze happened kids in my neighborhood driving lambos etc …..these meme coins will explode to higher prices SHIB….DOGELON MARS ….You know why GREED that is all you need to know…..24/7 trading kids jumping in left and right ….common sense easy money…..LETS GO BRANDON

  8. Great video as always.
    I will mention that it will not surprise me if a detailed investigation into ETHERIUM'S server code and encoded data within the ledger entries itself (encrypted) at a binary machine language level reveals a special backdoor address used to extract a percentage of gas fees out to clandestine central-bank fiat on/off ramps. Someone is getting massive revenue kickbacks.

    Someone on the inside of a privledged gov or quasi gov agency (e.g. SEC, FED or DHS, NSA/NS et al) gave ETH FOUNDATION a special free pass exemption. The outrageous Eth gas fees are a de facto universal transaction tax on everyone irrespective of class, income or nation).

    I believe Eth was set up as a first stage universal crypto transaction tax system using the old oil carrtel system of kicking back money to governments by letting oil be taxed concurrent with controlling price by supply control/extortion to curry global terms/favor.

    Eth is the nothing but a created digital oil/gas from the vaccum of the universal aether of nothingness.

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