Adam Curry on the Emergence of the Metaverse

Taken from JRE #1760 w/Adam Curry:

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  1. Guys, you talked about it and today it's in the news, supermarket giant Tesco here in the UK have been trailing a money system for a few months. Proposed plan to stop taking cash or bank cards and only payments from their tesco club cards. The article goes on to say the change is rounded up to the nearest pound (dollar) and put into another account like a savings account,

  2. Elon Musks Neurolink is not soo we can interact with computers. Its so the metaverse can intersct with us. We could potential touch and smell the metaverse as out computer sends signals to the brain. It will not be used as a controller.

  3. Oh say it aint so Joe Ro.. Worlds greatest pod cast covid troll.. Knows 100% that vaccines work yet he trolls for $$$. He's like WWE, he knows his show is fake to make money.. If Jeff Spicoli from Fast times at Ridgemont High told you Horse de wormer is great and vaccines are bad, would you believe him? So don't believe the troll Joe Ro

  4. It's almost unbelievable how narrow minded people are being with the potential of this technology, I guess it's just because Zucky decided to jump on front. People are ignoring other companies that are developing Metaverses as well. We have the opportunity to evolve massively and that's probably why people are tending to be defensive and negative about it. Being scared of change is natural, but with the right mindset it can have a massive positive impact in society and perhaps even provide tools we can't envision at the moment to solve other problems.

  5. After listening to this clip the future sounds like it’s going to be like that John Travolta movie where they laid at home in some type of capsule but they have artificial robots who posed as them doing things in the real world but when you saw them out of the Capsules they looked horrible I think in the movie he was a detective I’m gonna have to look that up and go back and watch it

  6. NFT has been around a very long time in the gaming industry. You purchase their currency to trade with others in that world. Value of that currency goes up and down and people play to win in that market. It could be a skin for a weapon, or clothing for your character that is rare. People put value where they want to put value.

  7. As soon as you place yourself in a position that you want to be unmovable you are asking for trouble. But some trouble is necessary to learn and evolve. I was thinking about my desire to survive as a person and how that differs from the objective of nature which is to be novel and expand. The expansion is at the expense of the comfortable patterns that make up the personality. So I guess its a balance between don't do anything to hurt others and buckle up for the changes. It is unlikely that I'm going to like evolution but I can enjoy it at the same time.

  8. Glad to see JR warming to crypto. He should have a crypto representative guest on soon! Surprised he has not?!!

    Who would be a good crypto guest? Michael Saylor, Willy Woo? Winklevoss twins? Crypto Lark!?

  9. Bitcoin and etherium are useless for financial transactions, it costs too much, there are better options.
    Most nft's are moving away from etherium cause it costs way too much in gas fees. The future is xrp and hbar.

  10. If your gonna talk crypto, check out the xrp vs s.e c scandal… was ethereum given a possible free pass by s.e.c..?
    Most importantly the s.e.c retirees went to work at companies that were already heavily invested in ethereum. Companies owned by them I think.
    John Deaton from crypto law u.s.a says it perfectly how it went down.
    Idk i think Joe and his team should investigate this and let the poor public know.

  11. so everyone gets together in little tribes and make their own currency….. like tribal islanders.. there was a cartoon network show lilos island or some crap they used crabs as currency because they are delicious… its called BARTERING ..well the best currency no one else wants rocks or sticks
    great life

  12. If you think sitting home in the dark smelly room alone is just as going out running around experiencing the world having real healthy fun then you are lost.
    Are you really unable to understand that our body is not made to sit and live like that. Why you think people have so many health problems today.

  13. I had a revelation today with Gad prices and companies having their own currencies today and the end of it is horrifying. Currency free of companies if the way to go other than bartering goods and services. We are at a point now where there is far less of a gap than could ever be with other systems of monitary wealth. Inflation would be mob controlled by companies.

  14. Why you show buy a coin, using dollars to purchase a product {the coin it's like middleman, which everybody is trying to avoid}.
    For a company is going to be good, because they will sell you nothing {coin} , with which you can buy old models telephones and stuff. The new products will be sell with USD currency only.

  15. I gotta be honest, I like Adam, but he says a lot of concerning stuff on this one. He basically feels like if he's not upset about something that nobody else should be, and I dont like that sort of attitude. He's still a really smart guy I respect, but I had to take this one in increments. Joe also goes a little too hard trying to prove he's not "right wing" (whatever the fuck that is anynore) and he needs to cut it out with that russian troll farm BS, they may exist, but by the hundreds of thousands? You just sound like a democrat making sensationalist claims like that.

  16. My fear with Bitcoin etc. is that its still so new that something unforeseen will happen causing ppl to lose millions of dollars and it's gonna hit its lowest of lows. And only then it's gonna make a comeback, be stronger than ever and eventually take over the "world of currency."

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