Altcoins ATTEMPT to RECOVER in BITCOIN Bull Market | Crypto Price & News

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  1. Thank you for your information. As you mentioned that in the run Alts lose their value more, could you please define a strategy to swap our Alts like Dot and Cake with BTC? Tnx in advanc

  2. "Why doesn't anybody love me?" – Bitcoin Cash.
    "Bitcoin Cash nobody really talks about because its not the real Bitcoin." – Jason Pizzino
    Sad Violin music in the background.

  3. Fire Inu. 246k mc on bsc and 224k mc on eth. A month old so NOT AT ALL a pump and dump nor is it just a meme coin. This project is here to stay. Vetted by Anon so its safu and we just got a billboard in Times Square. We also just partnered with Mazer Gaming, so we're stepping into the esports industry. This project has so much potential.

  4. the cramer news suggest me, that he wants to give a bearish signal wrapped in bullish sentiment. avg. joe thinks, if cramer is bullish in btc but has only 30k in it, then it would be probaly a better idea to just invest 200 bugs for me. Because its to risky, i skip it and buy eth instead. Stay away from bitcoin is the message he speaks.

  5. Thank you for keeping your videos hopium-free. I can't tell you how annoying it is seeing "THIS IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE!!!!!" on recommended videos all the time.
    This is definitely my go-to channel for Crypto news.

  6. My crystal ball showed me that by mid July BTC flips 40k into a support level. By the end of August we'll be testing 50-55k. Mark it 😉

  7. Accurate again! When you get tired of watching the moonboys or the bears, it's always nice to listen to someone who is level headed and somewhere in between 👍

  8. I have to say I am addicted to your channel. Thanks for the quality content, please keep it up =) When I came to this channel I had no plan and was losing money trading. Now I am accumulating and have been having much better luck with my swing trades. I have a better understanding of volume, alt coins, and the market sentiment with fear and greed. This go around I purchased BTC at 30,000 and Sold at 36,336.42. With your help so far I have recovered 15% of my account value that I lost in the May crash. Thank you Sir!

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