Altcoins NOT Bitcoin Will Make You Rich in 2022

Altcoins not Bitcoin will make investors rich in 2022! Crypto news PHEMEX 10% OFF & $3600 FREE …

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  2. No one in "traditional" gaming wants NFTs anywhere near gaming because big publishers ONLY ever use new ideas and technologies to ravage the fun out of gaming, and the money out of wallets. If you don't think they'll find a way to game the system then force it into every square inch of gaming spaces then you haven't been paying attention since the advent of the Oblivion horse armor.

    In the time since we've been trying to get developers and publishers to, you know, get back to the fun — the thing games used to be about.

  3. Can we let the big funds play with BITCOIN because they use algorithms and keeping price suppressed by buying gradually (so there will be no pumps)
    They playing with retail investors like us.
    Taking profits in the future and retailers are always to late to cash.

    Let retailers like us move to ETH, Solano, Polygon and others top 10 tokens/ assets/ coins.

  4. What is considered an "altcoin" in 2022? Anything other than shitcoin? The scary thing is that a few institutions and El Salvador is buying up bitcoin making it seem like ordinary retail buyers are getting it. I made the mistake of selling at 14k and not being able to get back in. I took those profits and put them into xrp and eth so I think i made the better trade off.

  5. Don’t get the narrative twisted. 2021 was a sub par year for BTC (as a yearly candle). Basically looks like a volatile accumulation pattern. 2021 yearly returns of 64% were less than 2019 returns of 94%. Way less than 2020 return of 300%. What I see is the the 4th lowest yearly ROI in the last 11 years. Given the adoption I am seeing you’re a damn fool if your aren’t DCAing this market.

  6. Bitcoin doesn’t need excitement, it just needs to be. Wait to live to see a whole coiner not even available for millionaires, better still millionaire FOMO. To think that first stimulus check, $1,400 when combined with the arriving multi unemployment checks would buy a whole coin. Right?

  7. Happy Holidays! I have been following you for a while. I panic sold a lot of XRP against your better advice; right before it was delisted on Coinbase I bought 10,000 at a .25. and holding. It looks like you were right. Enjoy your daily shows. Missed you last week!

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