Altcoins PUMPING! (Regulation Stifling Crypto Innovation?)

In this video, I give you the top crypto stories of the day in less than 3 minutes. We’ll take a brief look at the crypto market, highlighting the biggest gainers of the …

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  1. I love your analysis but am repelled by your crypto-religious, 'BE BLESSED." It sounds mild but is just another hidden bullying ploy by a believer to encourage, or force, non-believers to comply with Bitboy's worldview. After all, what can one reply:
    You too? or Thanks? or I don't believe in a Sky-God. Come on Ben, stick to what you are good at. Be blessed.

  2. Bitboy, It looks like your September, Bull run euphoria top up, ain't going to happen! My prediction is; That the Top up will be reach in December: Btc 98K, Eth 9K, Ada 6$, Xrp 4.50$ and low caps will make a lot of people 🤑

  3. It's below 46k already today. Lol .I think we will see this bull run go into 2022 before we see 100k or maybe 135k but when the bear market hits we might only drop 50-60 percent and not the usual 80-90 .

  4. rally my bla bla bla, whoever bought alt coins few days ago before the dip got screwed, this is misleading title, the same old story , gotta wait at least few months to recover, and then u come and say alts are pumping

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