ANNOUNCEMENT: Binance forms Strategic Partnership | Dash Claims Crypto First | AND MORE!

Hey Altcoin Daily Team!! Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about the LATEST crypto news! Twitter: Binance …

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    The most important benefit of this new approach is that it makes purely mining-based network attacks impossible, meaning that 51% attacks, such as what recently threatened the Bitcoin Cash network, will no longer be a threat on their own. Additionally, challenges related to mining another chain in secret such as selfish mining and chain reorganizations will similarly become a concern of the past. On the consumer side, the introduction of chain locks means that transactions can be trusted as secure after a single confirmation.

  2. Coins are taxed already in the US, people just having been paying there taxes. Ordinary income for coins held less than a year and 15% for holding for more than a year

  3. Would like to see more videos regarding STOs and the positive future of crypto and get out of the weeds of the daily grind. How will tzero change the future? Will we be able to buy TZERO in Jan 2019? Give us more direction and vision casting (for our own thinking 🙂 for STOs

  4. Haha, dumped. Not going to touch it till I see a use, proof and see it not fail.. all I see if huge fails. I'm not getting the excitement or hype. Failing throughout Asia. Good luck

  5. In regards to Dash, it's actually much more profound than mere instant transactions. InstantSend currently just requires the selection of a checkbox, but more complex wallets like those on exchanges may not always have the feature available. This update makes that feature default for all regular transactions at no extra charge, and it does it through another recent Dash advancement called Long-Living Masternode Quorums. The LLMQs also made possible yet another feature called Chainlocks which prevent 51% attacks, and that same mechanism makes automatic InstantSend at no additional cost possible and means that at one confirmation all instant Dash transactions are more secure than many confirmations on any other network. This is what is truly unprecedented. None of the other "instant" coins and tokens have implemented to this extent. Meanwhile Dash completed a community-led stress test a few weeks back with a record 3000000+ transactions without a hiccup. That's the difference. PM me if you want links to the technical docs which explain these technologies.

  6. Zilliqa is going live in January, let's see what happens after that. I know I've heard the developer talk stuff but Ethermon is migrating it's fighting platform to Zilliqa. I still think that will be the coin to rule in 2019. I'm so confident in fact that is the only coin I hodl, I would like to get more Stellar also those are my top 2.

  7. Explain how one can evade taxes using something that isn't money. If the government can't connect a blockchain address to a specific person the public ledger aspect is irrelevant. Binance is an exchange and most exchanges are pooled cryptos without the actual coins in the clients accounts they think they have, so I won't trust any exchange coin like Binance. I do like DASH.

  8. In regards to Dash instant payments. XRP Is not a blockchain ( not mineable). So it can't be compared.
    EOS on the other hand is instant and it's a working blockchain.
    So fake news in regards to that article

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