Apex Legends – Crypto's Sister's Final Words (Secret Message)

The final bunker has opened in Apex Legends and we are going to try to figure out what’s inside! In the last bunker, Mila told us she has been captured and they …


  1. It's cystic watching crypto and his crypto mom called him smart pants and same to cuastic that's why they have speachess together and cuastic is working with the imc which cuastic thinks crypto is tagen park

  2. I think it's Mirage. They do not like each other. Not even from the beginning. In one of the trailers/cinematics Mirage was like

    "what, are you hiding something?"

  3. bro apex is is going all out with all these secret stuff story based game apex is so far the best game ive ever played and also TAKE THAT FORTNITE APEX IS BETTER THAN YOU

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