Avoiding Capital Gains on Cryptocurrency

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  1. Hi Mark I am new to taxes on crypto, is it ok to give seed phrase and private keys to tax software like taxbit? I know the #1 rule to crypto is to never give anyone these but is it ok for tax softwares?

  2. Crypto taxes in the US are criminal and tyrannical. I was against the Jan 6th insurrection last year but if they did it because of the governments unfair tax laws, I'd support them 100%. I'm all for fair tax and taxing crypto. But trading coins should not be a taxable event. I'll be out of this country soon enough. Once i make millions, ill come back abd pay the bear minimum in unfair taxes. Ill donate to causes.

  3. Its funny in the past the IRS always go after the little person who has nothing much struggling and trump and billionaires always get away with not paying taxes- but if Biden is going after everyone to include the wealthy its fair game i don’t mine paying taxes

  4. I’m so glad the IRS is being totally shut down!
    The IRS employees are going to work at the Federal Reserve, working for the Treasury to remove old style(current) Fiat bills from the system. Trump is taking over everything!!!

  5. 2:34 This is nice and everything. But normal people aren't interested anymore in your "proof of stake" legacy practices against wealth. There's proof of work non custodial administrative procedures that can handle these matters, now. No one uses CD's or cassette tapes, anymore.

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