Axie Infinity: The CRAZIEST Crypto Game EVER!! 🤯

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  1. I have a question:

    suppose there are 100'000 players in Axie.

    all of them want to earn money. let's say 100$ per month.

    so that would be 100$ x 100'000 players.

    where does the money come from?

    The Axie team still takes fees.

    so hhmmmm.

    so how can this work?

    this is a ponzi scheme, isn't it?

  2. hey coin bureau. since you tried to talk this game up, I bought into it. and it was a waste of my money. I can't sell anything back to the market because NOBODY can afford it. there is no economy. the game is built around chinese tokenomics and asians who can't even earn minimum wage. you make it seem like this game was developed by white people — but it's an ENTIRELY asian development team and based around repetition. this was a waste of my money and a bad chinese ponzi scheme. I am incredibly disappointed with you — because it cost me a lot.

  3. if only the costs of axies and plots were like 50 to 1000 times cheaper.. I mean, omg, 12k$ is the cheapest plot? and the "cheap" axies are priced at 180$? I have no idea how this game is accessible to anyone, by the time most can spend this money on a game, they lost interest in the game's appearance I presume. I just feel like this is a game for the rich and spoiled only

  4. I understand that people are incentivized to play by letting them earn SLP tokens that they use to breed axies. And these only have value, because new entrants have to buy axies or SLP tokens to get started. Doesn't that make it a ponzi scheme?

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