BE CAREFUL! BTC, Solana & Ethereum EMERGENCY!! In 3..2…1

WARNING! There is going to be a MAJOR emergency on Bitcoin, Solana or Ethereum soon!! Which blockchain will have an emergency!? Like a billion dollar …

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  2. @Chico man please check your vitamin D3 level, also try taking Bacopa Monneiri, Stay away from anti depressant. Take lots of Krill oil and coconut oil. Get Well soon, also take a vacation so as to move your thoughts away from crypto at that time.

  3. I had depression since I was a kid, know pretty well what it's like, unfortunately. But then i reached a time when i was like you, just on bed all day waiting to die or go kill myself. It's okay bro. I recommend you to meditate, on a regular basis. Eat healty, leave drugs that doesn't help you aside, relationships, everything you don't want in your life. You have opportunities man, live the life you want to live. Just enjoy the air, the sun on your face, a quiet moment. We all gonna die at some point. All our family and friends, your plants, the birds that sing in the morning. So relax, it's all good. Just, do what you wanna do. And as always man, appreciate the content you put on like no other in the space. Send you a hug brother, and hope you can see the good things you have in your life

  4. Chico, you must know there are millions of people across the world loving your work, your detailed research. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, please don't be depressed for any reason, follow uncomplication channel's video on finding a good balance with crypto life, it'll help you. God bless you.

  5. Chico you've made such a difference in my life, your content is literally life changing!!! Thank you for this knowledge bro! My fam and I are praying for your health. Depression is hard to beat but you can do it, just like the way you kicked nicotine. You actually inspired me to stop smoking too. I'm 4 months clean. So appreciative of you!!!! Love you chicoooooo!!!!

  6. I'm sorry about your depression Chico… This is really good you've stopped taking antidepressants which only make people like zombie. I am OK, but person who is very close to me suffer from depression and take antidepressants for over 2 years. I have read a lot of books and articles to help. I also took 1 tablet of antidepressant just to know what I am talking about and this is as you said, it doesn't help. After my deep research and tests on myself and on this close person I highly recommend acid micro doses. Check it out mate and all best for you! We need you here!

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