Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Canada | 2021 Crypto Trading Platforms

Last week I bought $100 of crypto on 8 different cryptocurrency exchanges available to Canadians. I do a full review of each one in this video and cover the …

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  1. As for withdraws to CAD bank account goes, if Bitbuy has a 1.5% fee and NDAX has a flat $25 fee, your break even point on that is a withdraw of $1666.67 CAD worth of crypto to your CAD bank account.

    Below that, Bitbuy is actually a better deal.

    Above that, NDAX is a better deal (for the withdraw to CAD bank account).

    Not sure if that has factored into which one you think is better.

  2. Thanks for this. After doing a bit of research, I found that Newton and NDAX seem to be the two cheapest options for Canadians. Apparently, Newton is slightly cheaper overall if you're only buying a few thousand dollars' worth, so I'm probably gonna go with that one.

  3. Interested in opening FTX account & wondering if you have a video on how to trade (as a Canadian) on FTX platform? Would you onboard using Newton, buy XLM, transfer to FTX, swap for USDT & use to buy alt coins to keep fees down? Or how would you recommend onboarding as a Cnd? Thx

  4. Thank you for this video it really helped me a lot! This might be a stupid question but do any platforms charge a monthly fee for using their platform for inactivity etc? I wanted to join two or three platforms to see what works best for me but I don't want to be paying for not being active. Also what are your thoughts on the Binance platform? It seems to have the most assets available of all the other ones and 0.1% fees on trades. I'm not sure if there are any other hidden fees or not.

  5. What do you mean by ‘1 to 1 insurance on deposit funds for ndax? ‘ also, the mobile app is still in developing stage! Have you ever tried doing a withdrawal from the platform? What is the difference between bank direct deposit vs wire transfer ? The 10$ referall is deposited when ? Thanx. By the way you didn’t mention Binance !

  6. I did some research before watching this video and decided on NDAX so we’re on the same page. So far it’s been easy to use and the spread is indeed the best. 👍👍 good review of all the others too. Great video!

  7. I use Netcoins & Coinbase. Personally, I wouldn't touch any others. Started with both, since I wanted to be able to quickly withdraw funds and not get hit by any limits. Netcoins for the faster verification and funding since they do e-transfer and coinbase doesn't

  8. Thank you VERY MUCH!!! I've been searching for weeks on where and how to buy crypto in Canada with no luck! I watched several Tubers but it only made it worse!!! FANTASTIC JOB!!! I would like to make a suggestion, maybe put an image of something behind you during your videos. Something related to the topic or anything other than a blank wall. I have subscribed and will be looking at some of your other videos soon. I believe you have a bright future!!! Thanks again Mike.

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