Best Cryptocurrency to invest in 2020?

There are thousands of different coins in existence and so many contenders to choose from but in considering several factors that you MUST take in to account …

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  1. The IRS recently released new guidance about virtual currency—the first in 5 years—which mainly dealt with whether taxpayers have gross income from two cryptocurrency events: hard forks of cryptocurrency the taxpayer owns and an airdrop of a new cryptocurrency following a hard fork, if the taxpayer receives units of new cryptocurrency. If you own virtual currency, no matter whether these terms sound like a foreign language to you or you are familiar with them, you may need to account for these events on your tax return for the year when they occur. As a crypto investor, you face significant risks regarding taxation and the IRS. These risks can be mitigated, however, with the help. Most accountants have no clue. Lance Wallach receives hundreds of calls for help. Google him and your advisor. WHO do YOU trust? 516-236-8440

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