BEST Ethereum Upgrade (Ultra Sound Money in Crypto)

Today we will dive into the latest Ethereum upgrade and its developments. Is ETH on its way to becoming ultra sound money? On the road to mass adoption, …

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  1. Scammers are getting much worse guys. They are now using my name and logo in comments to trick you. DO NOT EVER send money to someone from the comments or DMS. They are scammers 100%. I do not have anyone who trades for me and manages others money. Be careful!

  2. ETH PoS is such a BS…How the network will know that validators are or aren't honest? It's just whales gets richer and kill miners, so they don't have to pay them.They already cut pay to miners with that London hard fork..PoW, as is on bitcoin works great on every crypto to verify transactions..Greed is obvious on ETH 2.0 plan.But not so hurry ETH 2.0 is coming sometimes 2022-2024 !! So I guess mid 2023 is more realistic than 2022..Miners will get another hit in between,but PoW still rocks !!

  3. I hate Ethereum… gas fees are ridiculous… I would get rid of all my Erc-20 tokens if I didn't have to spend a small fortune to do so… never buying anything that has anything to do with Ethereum again…

  4. 7:06 Stephen Curry purchased an ape nft for $180,000. Wtf?! All that money for that little sorry thing. I wouldn't spend a dime on that crap. I would spend a lot of money on a good nft. I just don't understand how nft's like this can be sold for this much $.

  5. Ben i agree with most of what you post but how could you miss the last Nft project that crashed Ethereum and made gas fees soar to $3500? Also it explains Solana and why they are being adopted. What about Cardano and as they go live projects are wanting to evacuate who are selling to the average person because most can not afford the gas!

  6. Etherium should keep on upgrading and learning on the job. The smart contracts blockchain that will takeover will be one that lets ETH be the lab rat, make all the mistakes and then come out with a truly finished product.

  7. Hi Ben! I use Exodus Wallet and noticed that whenever I make a transaction the gas fee is very small. On the same day I did one through Exodus which cost me $8 and at Metamask a transfer with the same amount needed around $50. Why this huge difference?

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