Best Fantom Staking Strategies 2022 (How to generate INSANE APYs in the FTM ecosystem)

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  1. To get into LP'ing or farming is it best to enter when the price of the assets is low? For example, to enter FTM-TOMB on Tomb Finance it's best to wait for FTM and TOMB to be at a lower price to enter then what it is currently at?

  2. Miles can you talk at some point about level of decentralization of Fantom? Fantom's great but believe validators are less than 100? That's awfully not decentralized and is a point worth considering vs other more decentralized blockchains.

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  4. Hi Miles. Wondering if you could do a follow up video on tomb finance now that the market has been under pegged for the past week. Had 50/40 split between masonry and cemetery. Not achieving anything for the past week off masonry. Wondering your thoughts on taking out of masonry and swapping into tbond.

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