Best Liquid Driver Fantom Staking Strategies (How to Stake on Liquid Driver for INSANE Yield) on FTM

In this video I’ll show you how to stake on Liquid Driver to receive 300%+ APY on Fantom. I run through multiple staking strategies …

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  1. Hi Miles, love your videos so far.

    May I just ask for LP farming on liquid driver, will LQDR be reward for all the various LP farms?

    As I am looking at FTM/Sushiswap pairs on spooky swap, so just wondering will I get LQDR if I use this LP pairs

  2. Nice video, mate. I imagine you have been putting a lot of work on understanding all these intricate protocols and making videos about them to help growing the community. Well done, you got an adept from me.

  3. Whats the best strategy for getting decent APR with less work and time spent on the computer? Is there a way to automate this ? I have fair amount of Locked LQDR and find it annoying to go in and claim everyday

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