Best Strategy To Buy Cro RIGHT NOW – Dollar-Cost Averaging Explained

Buying on the dip and the best way to dollar-cost average. Dollar Cost Averaging explained My PO Box: Orlando …


  1. Subbed up doing 20 ETH 20 CRO and 10 BTC a day

    November taught me a lot lol first ventured into crypto easily burned a few thousand off emotion.

    I earn a bit over six figures at work last couple years but money just sat idle (besides my 401k contribution) in my bank.

    take me to the promised land bro 😂🙏🏽

  2. Hi lando..always wondered what dca is..baffled cause i use i guess setting up a recurring buy and not to worry…i followed some of your strategy…a 50usdc regular weekly purchase..regular 20usdc buying of cro..sound strategy..not been a great results week but thanks bro..sound strategic

  3. Hi everyone, I have 5,000 CRO coins, I unfortunately bought at the top like an idiot so I have an average cost of 0.87 :(. I would like to average down and buy 5000 more, does anyone have any opinions on what the lowest I will be able to buy the next 5000 in at? .54? lower? .6? Any feedback is appreciated as I hate myself for my first buy point.

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