Today we are talking about the market crash and how I am playing this. APPLY AS A VOICEOVER ARTIST HERE: $4000 …

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  1. This is hardly a news. Evergrande has been having finanacial difficulties since 2017. Look up their Bonds prospectuses especially Reg-s offered to institutional investors outside US. Look up also their mega equity injection and their mega sale of property at massive discount last year. It was already known to the markets that Evergrande is likely to be going under. The company was going out to the market a few times a year to borrow $ fo their "corporate actions". This is yet another story manufactured by media to be used as an excuse. Yet another "El-Salvador" dump. Let's call this one "Evergrande" dump… shall we :P. So not sure what's all the fuss about regardless how much billions of liabilities they have. This looks like to be just an excuse for big players to offload their positions. Beside we have a much bigger problem with the repo-market. I would not worry about Evergrande. China will handle this problem just fine.

  2. Bitcoin is a Ponzi I don't think it will survive another 5 years. If you want to make money on bitcoin go day trading, follow the daily price and make money. Stop believing anything from all the bitcoin fake propaganda that claiming it’s going to a million. Al Salvador’s people now say they don’t want this bitcoin shit? They can’t be paid in something and tomorrow that something lost 20% of its value. Bitcoin will never be used by any country; it will never be accepted by any of the big billionaires.

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