In this episode, the DCA gang will recap last week, discuss some of the hot altcoins and speculate when Bitcoin will hit $50000 and what happens next. Digital …

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  2. Its painfully clear how many crypto people are not gamers. Gamers absolute despise when real money is brought in the game. People HATE that you can buy items with real money, its a term we gamers like to call "pay2win" , if a game has a tiniest smell of pay2win, it will be DEAD on arrival. Why do you think planet calypso never took off? Its a game that had true ingame real estate ownership without blockchain. If you are able to buy ingame items or gear that has the tiniest benefits and the game will be labeled pay2win and killed, im not joking.

    The only acceptable game right now is gods unchained, because every non crypto card game (hearthstone and MTG for example) requires you to buy cards anyway, might as well actually OWN them and be able to sell them.

  3. There's is this super smart guy says he has multiple phds and he thinks he understand everything , younshouod invite him to discuss the STF, STFX model. Benjamin Cowen , into the cryotoverse guy.
    I wonder if he was that smart why didn't he invent corona virus vaccine … LOL

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