Bitcoin BREAKS 55,000!!! WINS The Squid Game (SEC Backs Down From Crypto)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news.

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  2. Wait, what the heck is going on? Now you think we're combining the 2014 cycle with the very first run and the 2017 run? Meaning you think BTC will top out relatively soon, but Alt coins have 3 more months like they did in 2017/2018, making this a 17 month cycle? Did I hear that right? I listened a few times and that's what I'm getting, which is a huge shift from everything you've said for, well until today. Before we were just a month or two off prediction wise, but leaning towards a top out between the latter middle third of October to possibly November on ETH…now you're thinking January?

    I'm torn here, as this is literally the first time we weren't on the same page, within a week or so. Usually within a day or so; yeah, our gut feelings, info we hear/read and the way we interpret charts has been that close in the brief time I've been watching your show (Only a few months). You really think we are combining 2010, 2014 and 2017? That is basically what you are saying when you say the Alt market is running 3-4 months. Even overlaying the charts they just don't match because the length and start time is off. I really am torn, especially when you infer that you think ETH will catch BTC this cycle…you think it will catch BTC's high, or they will meet when BTC bottoms?

    I'm reading BTC to 85k, give or take 5k. Yeah, really going out on a limb with that one. I am, however, seeing that within a week. I'm seeing ETH break out by Monday, pump and drop a few times as we have day traders going nuts and taking a ton of 3k profits on 4k pumps that beat resistance when they buy back in 1k higher than before the pump. I AM NOT seeing 3 months though, I'm looking at more like 2 weeks – 4 weeks, with a top around 10 or 11k. Am I screwing up that badly? I just advised a friend to dump a bunch of money into Eth, which I almost NEVER do I rarely give friends financial advice, but he has never done anything with crypto and I don't want him to miss this, have everytthing go PoS and have the market turn into Wall Street with all the big players involved, the possibility of mining going away, and profits being closer to 10%/yr as opposed to 900x in a week…I also advised him to sell around 8k bc his wife will lose her shit if he loses money, but he needs to make some, and quick. Personal reasons, but he lives in Central America and is having some issues with…new authorities that are protecting the town. I can cover him if he loses it, but I'd rather he get into the market, sell, pay, re-invest at/near the bottom and hold for 1-3 years when the market wakes up again. Which leads to another disagreement.

    You think we are going to be back in a year now? After the longest Crypto run in history? By A lot, especially in Crypto terms. This is really throwing me for a financial thought series loop. I just don't see it. Maybe I will over the next week, but right now, no. Especially if Ethereum takes off soon. I could see other tokens staying up while BTC and ETH go into their cave in 1-3 weeks, but even then, vertainly not for 3-4 months.

    Like always, day by day, keep trying to be better, learn something, smile, and when a chart starts making you dizzy (I have 2009/201, 2014, and 2017/2018 all layered on old school clear plastic sheets, moving and shifting them trying to see what you are since I wasn't seeing it on my PC. If I take Bitcoin out and just use ETH and assuem we are going to have the longest Alt cycle by 30% or so, then line up from April… F&!# Ok, I can see $33k-$37k…but that's assuming the longest run ever. 4 months in Crypto is like 10 years in the stock market. I'm back to the "Nope, I don't see that happening, no way." where I've been for months, and you were too. It'll be interesting to see where your opinions go over the next 7 days. Someone else in my feed apprently thinks Ethereum is going to $35k, which would be a run through early January. It's like everyone is lining up months and not taking into consideration when this cycle started.

    Seriously, think. Don't be optimistic with $, be realistic. for a year you thought the run was over in September. Then maybe you were off by a week or two. Then, maybe a month or two. 4 days ago you were vehement about starting to selling your ETH at 9k; Now you all of a sudden think it's running through Jan and going to? Did Elon and Vitali conference call you? Zoom? Group Discord? What the heck happened to change your mind so drastically, and this is really a huge shift in beliefs here. I really hope it's more than putting the charts over each other by the month and ignoring when this cycle started, because that is incredibly important.

  3. @ben, you have to be the smartest guy, the smartest guy is not one who knows many thing, but know many people, and is able to bring the right ones together to make the smartest group. With out you doing what you have done, many people wouldn’t be where they are now, I’m willing to long the fact that you have changed any least 1 million people life’s for the better

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