Bitcoin & Crypto Noob Mistakes! Are You Guilty?

Crypto noob mistakes! Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoin buyers need to know! BINANCE $700 BONUS + 10% OFF FEES ▻▻ WEALTH …

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  1. Exchanges like Wazirx india do scam too…they rose prices by there own and then they make a sudden fall that never goes up (for some specific coins) and it is scam because this rises happens in WazirX only not in any other exchanges for the same time period 😓😠😡

  2. Lark in my opinion…bro you are the LEBRON JAMES of cryptocurrency investing… You bring your whole game everyday… You take time to explain all those little nuances. That you can only learn with time and experience.. I see myself learning from you for many moons into the future

  3. I recently turned all my bitcoins to Eth and its not that I don't like
    Bitcoin but …… Ethereum is truly AMAZING there is simply nothing to
    compare it with! Anyway , I am sure that some other crypto's are going
    to give more profits than Ethereum but … I am not a FOMO specialist!
    Anyway, Bitcoin will always be the first love , but Ethereum is the
    love that makes sense for life!

  4. You are so genuine it’s ridiculous. In a space where people mislead and plug their crap coins. You are so wholesome and actually care about a bunch of strangers from the internet. We don’t deserve you.

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  6. Fantastic video, thankyou Lark. You and a few others online give this asset class credibility, in your stable no BS style, and your authenticity. Personally, I got in to make money, but thanks to you I'm still invested in crypto because I feel I can trust you and some others.

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