Bitcoin & Crypto, why the long face? Why you should be happy

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  1. Bitcoin is the deception to slavery to our children! Bitcoin is 2x 13 babylon tablet destiny 13. Gate to 666 Antichris and New World Order. Btc will be second and i know i have evidence who will be first and is not ETH!!! BY

  2. :)) you should BTFD… exactly in this livestream was the last chance to buy so cheap… so funny to see it in retrospective, 26:45 "that next low"… never came! Anyway I always watch you with pleasure, and learned a lot, but decisions should be taken personally. I remember I waited for the "next low" then… the situation is somehow similar these days…ONLY hope that the top for this cycle is not at 63k… interesting, I remember the chart with 61.7k $ BTC top prediction…

  3. One of the better guys in crypto! Yes I will pick it the one to unseat BTC Mark my words watch Ada!

  4. So let's say I have a 24 karat pure gold bar. Where did sell it for 100% of its value?! anyone? How would that work.

  5. Money is made in the sitting!! never heard this before, My 3rd year trading i am getting somewhere with my learning while sitting and waiting. Nice Job you are true to the charts. Scott at TCL is no joke as well there are only a few real and true traders here.

  6. Investors have been worrisome ever since Bitcoin price actions started to reflect those of the stock market because this means that Bitcoin could be losing its safe-haven status .
    But that wasn’t the case because as at the time of writing this , Bitcoin is trading at $9,467!

  7. In most markets, a "new high" is needed to confirm a breakout. But with bitcoin, when it is traded at a perfect price. I have always had a special orientation as a business person that helped me a lot in my business. I always had the option to win if things don't go as I imagined and I'm also applying the same principle to bitcoins. This responsibility to earn a lot and remain very safe in the markets and the best of these options is to operate using the experience of a successful operator like Mr. Kendrick Roland. I have been able to accumulate around 5 bitcoins using their tokens and exchange patterns and it is really lucky that I have met that person. I want you to know as much as you can about it, at least find out what your system involves.

  8. Dear am happy with the hack you added on my bitcoin wallet again now I guess I can get merry now with the amount I confirm from maskoffweb,com 😄😄😄

  9. You know at some point in time in life, everyone hits rock bottom. I am currently at that point, which is why I am sending this message and requesting for help. I am genuinely in dire straits.
    Anyone kind enough to help I can only thank you in advance and God bless you richly.
    I have a bitcoin wallet, anything at all would be greatly appreciated, Thank you 🙏


  10. Thanks for the honest and sincere analysis. You are one of the rare ones – he who speaks from the heart. Good job, man.

  11. Awesome video, thanks for sharing! You mentioned having precious metals in your portfolio. Just wondering why you would diversify with some silver and not just go 100% gold? When do you think silver will outperform Gold? Thanks heaps again.

  12. it is unlikely that bitcoin is made by them, since it has its roots in the works of "cypherpunks", a group of anarchist/libertarians with a strong interest for cryptography as a way to apply their ideology. cryptography = "the practice and study of techniques for secure communication in the presence of third parties called adversaries"… bitcoin is not a fairy tale, it's the work from a group of people who really don't like control states. cryptography is the name of what can't be controlled by them, as strong as they can be. bitcoin can fail: not a fairy tale, ask the actual code contributors about it.

  13. Agree it will turn boring and build a bull flag on weekly chart with target to 14 k off pole The descending broadening wedge if it plays out typically breaks the The Great Wall of No from a shallow consolidation once the previous three touches have been met which they have We have the 20 WMA 200 DMA and weekly pivot at 8100
    Next weekly pivot is 12900 with weekly order block at 1400. 3 weeks of boredom to end of CME contract then June bullish on the confirmed restera of line Institutional FOMO ofc thé back of negative interest rates will require money to find a new home which will in turn bring BTC to top of BLX log chart at 140 k by end of 21 or Q1 22 you do good mate , thank u

  14. Bitcoin is hard to move cheaply. It's worth while going after the free coins just to figure out about how to do small transactions.

  15. What are your thoughts on – they have a bunch of unique charts to analyse bitcoin – such as 2-Year MA Multiplier; MVRV Z-Score – Pulls apart differences between Market Value and Realised Value to identify market cycle highs and lows; 1Y+ HODL Wave – View of the percentage of coins HODL'd on the blockchain for over 1 year; The Golden Ratio Multiplier – Uses Bitcoin's growth adoption curve and market cycles to identify both intracycle and full-cycle price highs etc. It seems like it fits with your advice of looking at Bitcoin not only in USD value but at a range of analysis points….

  16. What about things like REN which provides liquidity to BTC, ETH and more? And dark pools. I think real money will love REN

  17. This PRIZM spam is actually a huge turn off to their company rather than instilling any kind of intrigue lol. Silly boys

  18. Good analytics, thanks to the author to the author! The bottom line is that the market is heavily manipulated, and the market is not predictable.

    Here everyone decides for himself what he should invest his money in. I chose PRIZM, because I have POS + ParaMining, and in my wallet the coins

    are constantly increasing!

  19. Hay brother, been a fan for years. Just getting back in track. I 100% agree with you. The halfing has been expected and feared. In fact, it's the very reason for the dumped from 20k. Room was made for the big boys, and the infrastructure is ready. If there's a deep, it'd the broom. They will be just sweeping the food before they move into the house.

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