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  1. I feel compelled to share the awesome feeling of inclusion this group represents. Hearing perspectives from all levels of investors is a wonderful thing. Sure we all know Ben has millions, but hearing Weezy run thru his ADA trade mentioning "it was only two" and his thoughts on his positions provided quite the relatable connection to the average Joe.
    Love this channel. 🤘👍

  2. It is now completely obvious that Gensler, Yellen and their friends in the government are hell bent on harming American investors in a whole new way. Copy this and share it with everyone you know.

    Hi everyone,

    I hope you had an excellent weekend, as this week promises to be very exciting for crypto. Solana was the first major cryptocurrency to reclaim its all-time high valuation from March, and many other coins look poised to replicate the achievement. Today, I want to talk about a trend we’re following closely at Crypto Briefing, and that’s the growing exclusion of American users from airdrops, token launches, and other profitable DeFi possibilities.

    First, it was dYdX. Seeing the biggest margin trading decentralized exchange exclude U.S. citizens from one of the biggest airdrops in DeFi history was disappointing. Margin trading, however, has long been one of the most important regulatory targets of U.S. agencies. If anyone were to exclude U.S. citizens from airdrops, it would have been dYdX.

    But the trend didn’t stop there. The recent BitDAO launch on SushiSwap also excluded U.S. citizens from participating. It raised an astronomical $200 million in ten minutes, currently sitting at a $20 billion fully diluted valuation. If you ask me, the U.S. government has done you a solid favor on this one.

    Now, it’s Immutable Finance, a new DeFi project which recently announced a retrospective airdrop to its participants, who chose to exclude U.S. citizens as well. You can see in the announcement article that this was a difficult decision for Immutable as well. They’ve even gone as far as offering ETH rewards to early American users instead of the IMX governance token.

    At the same time, SEC chair Gary Gensler is clamoring for more regulatory powers. His latest statement showed his intent for further DeFi regulation.

    "I believe we need additional authorities to prevent transactions, products, and platforms from falling between regulatory cracks. In my view, the legislative priority should center on crypto trading, lending, and DeFi platforms.”

    The only thing Gensler is protecting US citizens from, so far, is free money. There’s no other way to say it. The actions of the SEC are excluding U.S. citizens from rewards for their participation in building DeFi. Airdrops are one of the top ways protocols use to incentivize and thank early users. They’re one of the best tools to increase engagement, and as such, they’re a key part of keeping DeFi innovative.

    When you look at it through that lens, you can better understand the SEC’s motivations. The SEC, as well as the Treasury, have decided to stifle DeFi development. DeFi is decentralizing the reins of the financial system, and that doesn’t sit well with Janet Yellen. She reportedly urged Senators to vote against the crypto-friendly amendment in the Infrastructure Bill.

    As an American citizen, what can you do? Internally, we believe that this trend is only starting. The best thing you can do is contribute to blockchain advocacy groups in Washington like Coin Center. This will be a long and complex fight with regulators, and they need all the help they can get.

  3. I think VR will take over. Think about there are so many people out there that can't afford to fly around or can't afford to pay for tickets etc. And if they own a VR they can do all of that. Yes it won't fully take over and have that same experience as being there in reality. Imagine meeting other people in the VR without being able to travel anywhere . That's insane.

  4. Allow me to be a blessing to others. All you need is 3. Keep it simple. ANGEL (Best launchpad for fair launches on Polygon/Matic) ORV (NFT Land with real world use case ) VIBE (Next Gen Nfts that will be implemented for gaming)

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