Bitcoin Flashing These CRITICAL Signals (Ethereum Showing Pump Signs)

Today we talk with Carl about what’s going on with Bitcoin. Is it the end of the bull run or we still have a chance? Subscribe to Carl’s YT channel ➡️ @The Moon …

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  1. Wake some of you! Simply people profit taking from purchased positions made a year ago for tax purposes. They will hype and hype the market and sell into strength. The best time to be buying is when selling has hit its peak. Consider it fading the market. You know Bitguy is fading his recommendations and selling into his suggestions most def. Follow the Crypto OG's and careful taking peanut gallery recommendations and hyped price analysis. The sharks are in this market and smell blood in the water. GL

  2. Ben, why are you allowing all these chump YouTubers to use your image in the avatar of their videos? It REALLY makes you look bad and tarnishes your image and reputation. If I were you, I would put a stop on this asap and threaten legal action.

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