Bitcoin Mega Price Rally Q4 2021 [Crypto Double Bubble]

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  1. I am also predict BTC will go up to 120K in november-december 2021. maybe major correction down to 30K in september-october. Thats when I will be buying the coins.


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  3. Updating my stops each week. Just going with the flow until those stops are activated. I won't catch the top but I am guaranteed to make huge profits without holding full bags through the bear market which is good enough for me.

  4. You're always very positive with your videos, I know Q4 won't disappoint, BTC might change the race now, I am still buying and holding more coins on my atomic wallet app.
    Let's see how it goes.

  5. We might actually be heading for our first triple bubble bull market. Best guess is we’ll see a decent correction at the hugely psychological $100k mark…as institutions, hedge funds & LT holders take some well-deserved profit. Depending on how leveraged the market is, retracement could be similar to what we saw in May. But in-line with lengthening & super cycle theories, the data science models we know & love, plus ever-increasing adoption, I don’t think the bull run will end there. Reckon we’ll have another period of accumulation, before slowly making our way up for a third & final leg…culminating in a mega blow-off top, à la Plan B S2F predictions & the like. Then shorter bear market. Bring it.

  6. So your saying everyone will at least triple or more… I doubt it man… bitcoin was at 4500 March 2020, it has basically 15X already. And what will it retrace back too? 10k? 20k? 30k? 40k?

  7. If you didn't spend all your crypto on Pokemon and other TCG Cards, I don't know what you're doing with your life man! I'm getting ready for it to drop 90%

  8. But what if there’s a report tomorrow that the Taliban are using Bitcoin? $1.2 trillion will be shaved off the crypto market cap within a matter of hours. Can we recover from that?

  9. BSC … Super with C98 Wllt .
    FTM … Nice with Increasing Support .
    SOL … Good, but Getting There .
    AVAX … Works ; Slightly Pricey Gas .
    MATIC … WTF ; Help .
    ETH … Run .

  10. Great Issue of WEALTH Mastery again full of experience and knowledge. I so recommend it. Nft world 🌎 is just a baby 👶. Thanks Lark Thank you for unbanking us.

  11. Ya! I feel it. 2022 is going to b a year of massive challenges and change. BTC will b the safe haven that not only rides the wave it is the wave! Buckle up Earthlings!

  12. This is in my opinion the intial investment return pump, I believe with most people who made gains buying 2020 are getting returns and taking profits that made it through the bullrunup dump in may and thats why we are not seeing a faster recovery, but I believe the people left holding those top bags are going to be the support to push this into higher regions and those that are taking out profits now are waiting for the next moves to see what to invest into next while holding the moonbags they accumulated from 2020

  13. Just love this optimism Lark and hoping to reach there. But just a curious question. Bitboy Crypto in his last video mentioned not to buy bitcoin now for new investors. What’s your opinion on this ?

  14. Lark, could you discuss in one of your videos your thoughts on GBTC? Is it a worse investment than a Bitcoin ETF, and if so, why? Also, what do you think will happen to GBTC if a (non-Grayscale) Bitcoin ETF is approved in the US?

  15. Crypto world about to get flipped upside-down as Ethereum & ERC-20 tokens crash after investors convert billions into Cardano & Cardano ecosystem tokens to catch wave of Gen 3 cryptocurrencies.

  16. 2021 Q4 going into 2022 Q1is going to be massive!!!! Defi is where the Mula will trickle down to. Btc will definitely be 6figures January 2022! LARK, I like it when you say, ANYYyyway! Lol

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