Bitcoin Price Crash! [Brutal]

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  1. did you know Brazil's presidential election funds were all denominated in deCRED?
    So looks like Brazil loves deCRED. And they should, because it is the future of btc. deCRED will finish what btc started as it's the most decentralized, hardest to attack coin on earth, that never chainsplits to split faith.

  2. Someone needs to create a crypto that is resistant to manipulation – maybe with limits on the max size of transactions, or limits on the max funds a wallet can hold so that whales need to control thousands of wallets in order to be able to coordinate the movement of enough capital to manipulate the price. Maybe stagger the movement of large amounts so that any big moves take a long time to process. Work out a limit beyond which 95% of investors don't venture, such that the vast majority of small-medium holders aren't ever affected, but which makes things impossible for the whales with multi-million dollar balances to move the price quickly in any direction. Set up a rules based system that punishes or limits addresses involved in co-ordinated manipulation. Commentators get a stiffy over 'big money' moving in to crypto, but the wealthy & powerful always seek to use that advantage to exploit the system – the inevitable result is that everyone else gets shafted. I'd rather make money on a $5 token than lose money on a $50k token.

  3. I totally agree with you on that mate ❤️My personal opinion is that the market is still consolidating. It has continued to bounce off previous key support levels and yesterday is just one example. Based on the charts alone one can see that most coins are still trading sideways. The daily and weekly charts are my primary focus and I am very bullish long term. I would not be surprised if this consolidation continues for the rest of September . As always my focus is to minimise drawdown for all. Profit taking will commence during the next rally as per Williams strategy. Williamsmansion stands out with experience and expertise playing in his favour.I must confess it wasn't an easy task to learning the routes on trading but with the assistance of Williams it was more easier to understand

  4. A couple of BTC ADA and MATIC orders were hit. Will be setting a few up again tonight cus I can see this slide go into the weekend and next week we'll be bullish again after cardano's smart contracts go live

  5. Nice video though everyone loves the luxury lifestyle…. But why is no one here talking about Bitcoin… Now's the best time to buy the dip and it's an opportunity that will grant you all the luxury you crave for ☺️

  6. El Salvador is a poor country no doubt. Imagine buying a hamburger for $20 one day and the next day it’s a $1,000. A bit like the pizza story when Bitcoin got started. A currency needs to be stable so I have absolutely no idea what they are thinking. If they smart, they will keep that $30 dollars of Bitcoin and keep it.

  7. I really really really do not understand why do you have to be such a massive click baiter with your titles and thumbnails. Like, for real, your content is not bad…it's pretty decent. I come now and then on your channel just to hear some opinions. But man…the level of clickbaitness is pretty bad 🙁 You already have a lot of subscribers so yeah…I really don't get it. But it sucks

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