BITCOIN Price Headed BELOW $9k?! IRS Targets US Crypto Investors!! TRON Recap

Will #Bitcoin price drop below $9k? $BTC price targets, IRS sends letters to US crypto investors, the next retail wave analyzed, TRONfulencer event recap, …

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  2. Bitcoin is currently defending the $9,000 support and this was the same key support it was in when the asset skyrocketed during the last bull run. The price of the asset might dip a little more but it doesn't call for despair because, in reality, this gives you a chance to buy bitcoin on the cheap and also trade to stack up more coins before the price of the asset moons. I am currently copying the trades of Jubilee Investor through his daily trade signals, I subscribed fully to his trade signals after having made 3 btc in my first two weeks of copying them. you can find the website with (jubileeinvestor. com) or on email with invest@jubileeinvestor. com

    Thank me later

  3. irs? so they finally decided that crypto currency is an actual real currency? i thought they are not interested in crypto world. they are actually sending a letter whomever is living in US weather crypto holder or not

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