Bitcoin Pumping on News of Landmark Crypto Event (Moon Time?)

In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news.

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  1. Hey BitBoy, I have been following you for a while, it is good you talked about XRP and it's also good exposure for your followers. With regards to finer details about XRP, you can always ask a lot of people within the XRP community.

  2. I put up a sign on the door of my business that says 'Crypto Accepted Here' (focusing on CGLD, oddly enough) & most of the people who see it ask me what it means. 😆 I live in south central Alaska, south of Anchorage. 'I dunno but yall bout to learn, real quick' lol

  3. Just stop. Wasnt historic. It wasn’t worth anything. These are the people you DO NOT want involved! It’s not a good thing or adoption. It’s centralization by the same people that already own monopolies.also seems this channel merely shills whatever is considered “high market cap.

  4. Elon Musk created the dip when he said Bitcoin uses too much electricity. Now Elon Musk is creating the pump by saying Space X owns Bitcoin. Elon Musk controls the crypto market. Why do people buy or sell Bitcoin based on what Elon Musk says?

  5. do you actually think elon started this bear run by announcing Tessa weren't accepting Bitcoin as payment or do you think he maybe had inside information that Bitcoin was going down and he would lose money so made it look like it wasnt because he had inside information and was about green energy ???

  6. Birth certificates could be a segment for NFT? The value of a birth certificate could go up with time. Especially a lot of time. And what if you bought a birth certificate for a baby that later became famous and accomplished.

    I don’t know about investing purposes but it seems like birth certificates are another one of these things that belongs on the blockchain.

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