Blockchain NFT Crypto — What You Must to Know

In this video: 0:00 Crypto Crash = Opportunity 2:51 Problem with In-Game Collectibles 4:23 Potential of In-Game NFTs 6:40 Scarcity 8:19 Incentive Schemes …


  1. Hi Dave i am a new in trading and want some help regarding webull margin account . I am ready to pay for just 15 minutes lesson . please let me know if that works . Thanks Vick

  2. Hey everyone, we are collaborating with the artist known as Chemical X. Chemical X has launched the world's first Bitcoin NFT platform with five cultural icons. Cara Delevingne, Fatboy Slim, Dave Stewart, Orbital and Chemical X himself. Using a separate layer protocol that makes no new energy demands.

  3. Hi Dave, I am a Mandarin speaking youtuber with 30k subs and I also live in Dallas. I have a business idea in crypto mining field Would like to discuss with you. How can I get a hold on you?

  4. HeyDave re: Your last question: "Will Blockchain games become more popular than triple A titles". I am anticipating blockchain games to be made to the standard of Triple A titles. In the RPGLit Novel space that is a common theme. I can see how successful a blockchain game would be built on a solid high end platform vs the lower end things that are out there now. The early ones that are out there now have proven the concept, so I would expect that someone is out there working on them right now. Also the meta-verse, I grew up with the cyberpunk genre (William Gibson, Bruce Sterling etc) and have been waiting patiently for the internet to go from its current state to a Virtual Reality state, a common VR based standard

  5. Great video Dave, may I suggest breaking up into several and teasing the next one at the end of this one?
    I'd try to keep it under 10 minutes as this type of high quality, high density content should first and foremost generate more subscribers -> you want to keep it short and sweet + tease the next video.

  6. Great video as always. Had to unsubscribe from Meet Kevin because he posts too much every day and it’s hard to keep up. I love how your videos are well thought out and not just repetitive market analysis. Hope you’re enjoying Mexico!

  7. Great video Dave
    In game nfts will be an important market for the crypto world.
    Rare,collectible and tradeable thats all I need to hear.
    We are just starting nfts will explode once vr and ar becomes the norm in gaming.
    Thank you

  8. You sound pretty sure. But my sources are telling me anything created by WhiteMamba on opensea makes beeples stuff look like a toddlers crayola drawing.

  9. Hi Mr. Dave Hanson,

    I need some advice on getting out. All the people I know tell me to stay invested at all times no matter what. My question is – if someone invested in VOO in March 2017 only to realize they are down by -3.76% due to COVID crash (that's 3 years worth of effort).

    I asked them why should I stay invested at all times? Their answer you can't time the market. Time in the market beats timing the market.
    My question, what if I use "The Golden Cross"? Yes, it might take some time to know whether it's trending or not.

    What are your thoughts on this?

  10. I designed a board game and created the lore and universe for it and I minted the characters as NFTs in Open Sea, the collection is called "Whispers From Above" (That's the game name also) if you want to check it out

  11. Super-Duper Good Episode (yes, I used the words "super-duper")! This truly is rabbit-hole technology that's evolving faster than my brain can comprehend. I use your episodes to make sense of it all. One suggestion. MORE camera slider! 😀

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