Bull Run Exit Strategy! How To Lock In Your Crypto Gains

Cryptocurrency has been notorious for being cyclical, and it’s starting to feel like 2020-2021 is another bull run cycle. Unfortunately, this likely means a major …


  1. Vechain and Holochain are investments that I believe have fantastic long term growth and I can't really see those crashes anytime soon.

  2. Can you do a video for how to lessen the capital tax gains when you sell your altcoins at the end of the bull run?

  3. Enjoy the regular content. I'll be looking for that neon red exit sign ! ALGO, in my opinion, is the sleeping giant – it, along with ADA, offers serious ETH competition going forward, for mass adoption at low prices, IMO.

  4. dont be greedy guys, lost 90% of 2017 profits due to hodling alts… and thinking volatility will be less with those institutions in the market is just hopium, you should DCA out of the market when red risk levels emerge

  5. You said that you have 2 , 3 alcoins that you like , belive in them , would you mind making a video on them and why you choose them ? 😇

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