Burry: The Market Already Crashed. You Just Don't Know It Yet…

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  2. Speculative bubble right but mkt wud go into correction max 20 30% fang is delivering nos….meme stocks will get obliterared but not tesla and the whole nkt….if covid didnt do it forget inflation to do it…above all demand is there….so inflation theory sucks…..sorry mr burry….anyways.. stoploss @ 5% on portfilio level and puts r there to hedge….xpect it next yr…..

  3. 94%……. really. Dow's at, what – 35,000 right now. That means it will go all the way down to like 2,000. Not. Going. To. Happen. While a recession/crash is most likely in the not too distant future – it WILL NOT be that massive. An economic crash of that magnitude would spell the end of the country. The US and the WORLD will not let that happen. I mean who'd fight the world's wars then? Just look at the freaking out about us leaving Afghanistan leaving them to fend for themselves. While the current admins strategy on pulling out is laughably horrible – as a Vet I am glad we're done fighting for that country's independence. SO many TRILLIONS of dollars wasted over there over the last 2 decades.

    At worst I think the market dips 50%. More likely scenario – it'll be a recession/market correction of tops 33%…. but likely 25% or less. That's an 8700-11,500 point drop in the Dow. Still a massive fall but……. corrections, crashes, whatever you want to call them are nothing new. Why people freak out when they happen/appear to be on the horizon is baffling to me. I'm actually looking forward to it. No better time to buy buy buy.

    As for Crypto…… I've been saying it for the last 2 years – it's a BS market.

    My bold prediction – Tesla will fold once the correction/crash happens. The company is about 20x overvalued currently. They make damn near no profit, yet for NO REASON their stock has skyrocketed since the beginning of 2020. As recently as the last quarter of 2019 people were saying how Tesla is a likely candidate for bankruptcy. To me their rise in value/stock price is as artificial as Gamestop's recent rise to unexplainable highs. Gamestop IS a junk company. Yet for literally zero reason it's trading just under $200 last I saw. A junk stock that was going for like $4.50 a share just 1 year ago. Literally nothing has changed with the company internally. Physical copy games are a dying if not dead media. Gamestop is figuratively the Blockbuster of video games. Yet it's price has increased 2,500% in 1 year. It's dumb money.

  4. Everybody has been talking about the market crash, but nobody is really telling us where to put our money right now that we can invest and make money either before the crash, during the crash and after the crash I think that’s the most valuable information right now.

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