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  1. Worth mentioning that you won't make that much because of slippage. A $2.5m market order will print a massive wick! The bigger the position, the bigger the slippage. The strategy becomes decreasingly profitable and increasingly risky the larger the position. How big you can go depends on the volume of the coin you're trading.

  2. This may sound crazy but I'm managing 3.4% daily. After a couple of months of trying out a bunch of stuff, I've found my optimal configuration. Just running a single bot and allowing it to make a max of two trades at any given time and it's not allowed to trade the same coin simultaneously. It has $5K to trade with and it's making 150-200 daily. I'm happy with that. I make sure to keep an eye on everything quite often; multiple times throughout the day. Mobile apps are great for this.

  3. Is there a setting in 3commas that allows you to compound your interested automatically? e.g. I put 100 as my base order and make 10 profit. My next base order is 110. Can this be done without me having to go in and manually update the base order? If it can't be done on 3commas is there any other trading tool that does this?

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  5. Running Profit Trailer bots on Kucoin for 3 months now. USDT as base currency and seeing 1.5-2% compounded daily Using conservative settings with 100% reinvestment.

  6. At first, I was skeptical about the idea of running bots, but now I feel they can be beneficial after watching your videos. Your explanations are very clear and I'm looking forward to learning more from your videos. Great content…thank you!

  7. Finally a channel discussing interesting tips and techniques instead of all those youtubers shouting about mooning, pumping and lambos. Quality content! Keep up the good work man!

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