Cardano 60x MOONSHOT (Realistic ADA Price Prediction)

Today I’ll give you may latest ADA price prediction as we discuss how Cardano will moon to $150. ADA Founder Charles Hoskinson believes it can go that high …

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  1. EDIT: Apparently the article I got the $150 price prediction story from was fraudulent. The article was removed. HOWEVER, I would add that the percentage gains to get to $150 are actually quite similar to what Cardano did in late 2017.

  2. possible !!!! wow so many negative reviews for the video. I wish you a lot more haters, this would mean you would have 10.000.000 more subscribers 😉 all the best and thank you for your opinion …

  3. How to mislead new people in crypto. Giving price in 2022, you know that the market will lose 90% of its value. Too bad many people have to wait 4 years to get some of their money back.

  4. Shit, you should remove this video. Crypto "journalism" is horrible, and this perpetuates it despite your pinned correction comment. Clickbait title for idiots. Fukn sucks bro.

  5. The key to your financial freedom is in your hands. Intelligent investors shouldn’t ignore the words of expert Gossuna Jonprey. He says, how many millionaires or billionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? Obviously non has become rich by puting their wealth in savings accounts..

  6. Then, if 2021 saw a steady 15x, conservatively, without smart contracts, DeFi and the ERC20 Converter, what will 2022 see with an entire year of smart contracts, hundreds of DeFi products launching, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Africa and projects migrating from Ethereum using the ERC20 Converter? I'll conservatively say 10x in 2022.

  7. For any top 10 coin to do a 60X at this point in this run is fucking delusional. This guy has nothing but a big ego and a condescending attitude. His little hissy fit at the end of last nights podcast was very cringeworthy.

    Anyone with independent thinking could easily see that ADA has missed the smart contract boat by about 3 years. They have absolutely 0 chance of overtaking the bounty of competition that now exists in this space. Even cartesi which isn't even a year old is looking like it is going to overtake ADA.

    ADA right now is like siacoin at the start of this run.
    All ""poised" to take over the storage game, then gets blown away by filecoin and storj.

    Do you really think everyone from Eth, solana, polka, poly, AVAX, BSC eco's are just going to hop ship for ADA the minute contracts launch? I highly doubt it. If anything, I see the ADA price dropping after the launch.

    And even if every single user of all these platforms migrated, we still would be nowhere near $150.00, or even 15 for that matter.

    Don't take financial advice from this guy lol. There are many micro cap gems that will actually net you a return in the rest of this cycle. This overvalued and not-yet functional pipe-dream is not one of them.

  8. Guys, give Ben a break for this sloppy "reporting"…he was clearly doing a rush video on his way to worship. God forgives you Ben…even if you are shorting ADA for a quick profit.

  9. Honestly, you are just hyping this coin up and maybe causing people to sell other coins to fomo into Ada. I thought you were a professional channel, I have since unsubscribed as you seem to be as unpredictable as the weather!! Ask for forgiveness in church.

  10. “Apparently” Ben you’re posting without fact-checking. “Apparently” you should know not to believe everything you see on the internet. Apparently in this video you even say that there’s a lot of misinformation. Massive loss of credibility and respect for this channel. Shows you don’t do your homework.

  11. Its cute…when these tubers thing they understand TA on the way up….when on the way down their all loosing their shit and have NO IDEA WTF is going on.

  12. Charles didn't said that. Plus you are not so clear to explain while you driving. Plus your attention on the street could be also lower. Please drive safe, make people safe!

  13. Haha thats a little steep for now but very achievable in the future. Loving projects like ada and Pulse, just waiting for their coin to release tho but with fundamentals like that it's going to be huge

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