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  1. I will just say :
    Ada 2017 1.15usd
    Ada 2020 0.02usd
    Ada 2021 2.96usd or more
    Ada 2022-2023 0.20-0.50usd.
    I am 5 years in crypto, this is speculative market, in the bear market every altcoin will make – 90% from ATH ( All time high).
    I will suggest you all to buy Avalanche & Algorand. Solana and Ada are x150 already, bye bye money if you buy coins that already made 150x.

  2. Bitcoin has jumped quite well now) HA. Volatility. Cardano good but it's really long invesment. More then 5 years. But NEAR and solana hold on well. Two competitor projects. Only Solana is already too expensive to buy, but NEAR is still very cheap. What do you think is worth taking it portfolio?

  3. The FUD is simple: Ethereum developers are trying to port the apps using the ETH approach and do not understand anything about how cardano works. Then in a spike of pure ignorance blamed the framework for their erroneous design spreading the FUD without any foundations. Thanks for that!!! time to buy more cardano e less ETH.

  4. I couldn't even log on to kucoin! I got errors constantly! I tried repeatedly, on my phone and my laptop! I even tried changing browsers! I just saw all these prices crashing, thinking 'oh sh1t!'…….'I thought we were passed all this, and were on a bull run!'🤣🤣🤣

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