Cardano’s SECRET Weapon (Why ADA Will Rule Crypto in 2021)

In a recent interview, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson joked that he sleeps like a baby because he wakes up every two hours crying. With how the markets …


  1. I sure hope Cardano goes beyond the moon! Here I am a newbie in crypto and see the speed of growth with crypto, let’s be patient, and let this acorn sprout and in due time grow into a massive investment.

  2. If you can't beat them, join them…then proceed to manipulate them.
    That's the modus operandi of the elite / institutions.
    Just look at Bitcoin.

  3. BitBoy Crypto hits it!🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♀️

    What am I most excited about Cardano? What are your thoughts on the new SingularityNET AGIX and their SingularityDAO AI Defi DynaSets? Also, how about the SingularityNET Rujuve life extension partnership with Hanson Robotics and Sophia the robot of SophiaDAO? And then their is the SingularityNET AI marketplace which will be automated by the powerhouse Super Intelligence OpenCog Hyperon. What is the BigBoy projection on the SingularityNET and all its arms and legs as they hit the ground running with the Cardano smart contract launch?

    BitBoy Crypto to the 🌝 hitin it day after day, Thanks for excellent content!

  4. It's also rumored that Gogen will be pushed back 5 more years. The theory behind it, is because he's focused on putting his fasting journey on the Blockchain.

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  6. Everyone should check out XinFin XDC. It's a silent giant. It's working at the back-stage with XRP, Corda, R3, Tradefinex etc. Don't miss the boat.

  7. Cardano can reach 16 usd as per calculation if market capitalization is higher the value should go to high, the max supply of the coin is high comparing Eth

  8. Are you sponsored by ADA or any other coins? Curious if you’re transparent if you are? I’m fairly new to the channel and genuinely curious.

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