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  1. What happens to that digital dollar if the grid goes down? Same thing that happens to crypto. They might exist but only with electricity to power services.

  2. I stack Gold, Silver AND Crypto. The Crypto I focus on are the ISO20020 coins which have the quality mark the banks are looking for. XRP, XDC, XLM, ALGO, QNT

  3. This money problem sounds to me like something only someone really, really intelligent can solve. And the only one on the horizon that would appear to be is the anti-Christ or one of his very close minions. If that be the case…..Jesus is coming to rapture his bride, the church (those born again) very, very soon. Perhaps this September or next September. (I have my reasons for the particular month….good reasons too).

  4. In investing, many times, risk is high at higher prices and low at lower prices. I often disliked a stock at 100, liked at 50, loved at 20. If data improvement has led to lower prices, your risk have actually decreased.

  5. Mrs Zang you’re absolutely right about everything buying gold/ silver as a hedge for your money y but how can u buy a cup of coffee with a gold or silver coin ? I think you know a lot more than what you’re saying lol great video though i love it !

  6. Not that I see crypto like you do, but that was a very good work of consolidating and summarizing the multiple fragmented pieces of news and actions being taken by governments and controllers around the world.

  7. Yesterday the banks in south africa started blocking the purchase of crypto and won't allow the transfer to go through. The excuse is that they don't want to allow the transfer of funds out of the country

  8. Keep up the good work Lynette. I love watching your channel in gaining knowledge, it may not be right or wrong, but it helps me to see ever changing economic landscape from different perspective. Oh yea. I love your sarcasm.

  9. The IRS is going back 4 years and demanding these companies show all crypto transactions. Then they will send people bills taxing them on it as property. Look it up. No one is talking about it but the law is passed and already starting.

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