China BITCOIN Crackdown Is FAKE!! Here’s the Proof!!!

China has banned BITCOIN mining!? This is FAKE!! Today we show the proof of WHY!! Chinese BTC miners are ramping up operations & this “government ban” …


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  3. the crypto detective smashes it once again. awesome research, you have the keenest analytical abilities in all of youtube, thank you for your work…

  4. A lot of this doesnt make sense. There are hundreds of thousands small eth miners all over the world. Btc mining on the other hand is highly corporatized. So normal folks cannot start mining btc in most cases. Thats why eth mining is much less centralized in china.
    Every other kid is mining eth with the graphis card mum bought him for birthday

  5. The Chinese government doesn't care about Bitcoin nor are they trying to control it. They are trying to reduce their carbon emissions. It's not rocket science and no nutty conspiracy theories are needed.

  6. We are through the rabbit hole!
    A bunch of high powered computing capacity moved from China to the west and hooked up to local technology backbones. Sounds like a solid backdoor manoeuvre

  7. The same goes for everything said about China. Like, China IS FUD to Americans. If you want a different perspective of China, checkout Daniell Dumbrills channel. He's a Canadian who moved to China to open a brewery. China is not nearly as bad as the western media makes it out to be, and this is just one prime example of it. It sucks not being able to read Chinese so you can understand for yourself, but definitely don't trust western sources on China. It's all a warhawk narrative created by the pentagon to get people to hate China enough they'd support an invasion. The reality of China is not totalitarianism, by any means. They have federal and local jurisprudence like the US does. The CCP is not all consuming in peoples lives, but if you perceive it that way then every little problem CAN be blamed on the CCP. Problem is they aren't all powerful and they don't control every single aspect of every person's life. They need you to be fearful of China though, so every little thing gets twisted to fit a narrative. The good news is you don't need to fear China, they are not driven by war and conquest, and would not even want to try and take over America, but most Americans think if the US wasn't bombing the world then China would invade and become world dictator, which is actually who we are in the US and not who the Chinese are as a nation state

  8. How is it china's mistake to come use US 🇺🇸 energy to mine non-energy efficient financial tools…anyone says this is good, is blind to the effects

  9. Why would China care about stopping ETH mining when ETH is about to become proof of stake?

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  13. Chico loves conspiracies🤣🤣 This channel is my new Netflix 😛 Great content man! you have been proven right before , i have no doubts theres truth in what you are saying 🙌🏻 Loved the wire spool discovery btw 😂😂

  14. communist ghost strikes again, since WWII hahahhaa
    No ban, no china mistery no nothing. Just rich people and fucking bilionaires centralizing bitcoin farming for theyr interest!

  15. Just ask Trump to ask someone. He'll be able to find out when he's at his chinese bank, paying for Ivanka's patents. j/k (America paid for Ivanka's patents by Trump caving to the CCP)

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