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Discourse Syndicate’s Wake Up Hex with KNTX 7:00am PST. for course to learn how to use Hex …

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  1. GOOD ADVICE in HEX is if you follow the rule to never have all your assets on same token regarding HEX instead of use a single wallet to STAKE HEX; instead create ANOTHER walet, and stake HEX in more than one wallet. and stake ONLY HEX

  2. <Good work, mate. Lately, when asked about predictions about bitcoin and cryptos in general, most experts on youtube and other media, the predictions are mostly generic, with no details about the direction. Everyone seems to be guessing and getting more and more confused about the future. The only constant thing I can say for sure is that traders are really earning good returns, while HODlers are always worried about what the future holds for bitcoin or if there is even a future. With the vision, skills and experience of a trader like Like James, the sky's the limit. I came to this conclusion when I made an 87% return on investment in my first month, using your signals for my trading. Not to be biased, there are a lot of GOOD traders out there, but James has been a big help to me, especially with his signals and strategies.

  3. If HEX is a scam then I wish all scams were like it, cuz it's making me Rich!!! LoL! HEX is the best asset ever created!!! HEX is going straight pass Uranus on this one folks! HEX's going to melt soooo many faces πŸ’―πŸ’₯πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸ»

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