Coinbase Pro Full Tutorial: Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners

Coinbase Pro Tutorial 2020: How to Trade with Market Orders, Limit Orders & Stop Limit Orders. In this video, I show you how to deposit your funds into your …


  1. I still don't understand why if you're going to show how to do something, like "buy" or "trade", you don't just stick to that alone. People have this annoying habit of deviating into other topics amidst their explanation of something as specific as "buying".

  2. Coinbase Pro is giving me the option for 'UK Bank Transfer', which seems to have no minimum deposit amount, rather than 'UK SWIFT Transfer', which has a £1000 minimum deposit limit. Is this a new option since creating this video? Can I go ahead and transfer less than £1000 using 'UK Bank Transfer'? Thanks

  3. could you please tell me why i can;t buy on coinbase pro becasue the bottom button (place your order) would be below my screen..I don't get it…sometimes I see the veeeery top of the button and can buy or sell…but not today…

  4. Great video! I have a question? Im a newbie and I wonder are my gains in CC in the exchange thru CBP wallet are secured do I have to get my own wallet? I didn't get a key when I purchased ADA shares. Help! TY!

  5. Hello, I'm new to Bitcoin trade And have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong

  6. Thank you so much! Someone who did it in GBP. I was about to make huge mistakes so this has helped a lot x

  7. can not thank you enough i have spent ages trying to find info to get started and had many questions and uncertainties which you have clarified for me …..BIG thank you x

  8. I suggest not using Coinbase Pro. It sucks fucking donkey Dick. I was going to transfer money from my bank account into Ethereum. I canceled the transaction, but then it showed it took the money I was going to put in and it put it into the USD coin. I never even finalize the transaction, and it was never for USD it was for a Etherium in the first place.

  9. I am new to coinbase pro and just like to find out… if I buy bitcoins at a wrong price and it starts to fall, can I just hold on to it without selling it and it will be safe? I don't lose my money?

  10. you're an absolute legend, I was so stressing out about why my purchases kept saying open orders, all I wanted was buy immediately which should be on market price (taker), anyway thanks a lot.

  11. To summarize, if I want to withdraw my funds (euro) from Pro.coinbase into my bank account, I should first move them to Coinbase and then withdraw them as it is certainly cheaper.
    I just wanted to make this sure.

  12. Thank you for putting in the time codes! I know enough about cb just looking to ditch the high fees but the interface of cbpro is so different.

  13. I’m a newbie in cryptocurrency. I’ve got a question here, why does my portfolio on coinbase pro doesn’t match one on my coinbase? I bought a small amount of ETH on conbase pro but it doesn’t show up on my normal coinbase website.

  14. How come the trade history doesnt tally up with the order book when sales goes through? shouldnt the trade history on the right be moving like a train with all those orders going through? :p

  15. OMG, really? Only common content but please: speak a decent english. That would be great! Just so that we could understaaaaand yoo. Just kiddin, great work, keep it up! Ohh, I have been listening some more, unbelievable. This is so basic, helps a lot. OMG.

  16. thanks for your channel! i have a question for you about coinbase pro , do you have an e mail or something i could write to you at? id be really appreciative ! johnny

  17. it all has been changed, this video doesn't comply to new app. or web version. you need to update your video as these options are not available you have mentioned.

  18. Thanks Every bit Helps, really clear tutorial.
    One question: I'm within the Euro zone and I trade with Euros currency. So when I withdraw Euro from Coinbase Pro into my bank account the fees are relatively low right? On the table you showed (min 17:16) is written that the withdrawal fee for SEPA (EUR) is 0.15 Euro. Does that mean that I shouldn't move the Euros first to Coinbase and then withdraw it to my bank coount? And, does that apply to any kind of withdrawal? Let's say I want to cash out 2000 euro, would I still pay fees for 0.15 cents?
    Thanks again!

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